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Website Marketing

Marketing is always an interesting subject that covers a wide range of topics that all can have an impact on a company or organization that is trying to appeal to the public or to their existing customer base. Today in our fast changing world there is not one form of marketing that solves the marketing problem for most companies. The biggest mistakes some companies make are that they rely on one form of marketing like Facebook to get the word out about their business. Don't get me wrong Facebook reaches a fair amount of people - it is not the only social media site people access.

The internet can be like the wild-west with algorithms that search engines use changing on a regular bases to display web searches. With over 1.9 billion websites on the internet it is difficult for a single website to be noticed online unless there is a marketing plan in place. Realize in most industries there are millions of companies trying to come up on the first page of any search engine.

When I work with a company, organization or individual on marketing we talk about a wide range of marketing ideas after we identify who their customer or target base is. Below you will see several options that are used today to reach or analyze a target market.


Google Analytics Google Adwords
Bing Adwords (WNPA) WA State Newspaper Assoc.
Mail Chimp Facebook for Business
Instagram for Business Pinterest for Business