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Welcome To My Basic No Frills Website

iMarketingMy name is Don Hays and I am the owner of iMarketing Web Design. After a 40 career in the retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing industries I decided to focus in on a field I believe will become the future for doing business worldwide. Twelve of those 40 years was spent in teaching at the college level and that experience introduced me into the high tech world of computers, internet and the power of social media.

Today the challenge for web developers is the wide range of devices used to search or for doing business on the internet. Cell phones, tablets, laptops desktop computers and now some wrist watches are now online.

My background in business ownership, management and teaching has given me a foundation for helping a client develop a website and marketing plan that has the potential to meet their needs. Returning to college to get a web design certification prepared me for bringing all of my prior experience into the world of web design. For example: looking at your competition, product pricing, educating your customer, shipping options, marketing strategies, customer services and so on.

iMarketingThey Call It The World Wide Web - It is fair to say that the internet is not going away anytime soon. Today we find people spending hours upon hours online searching for information, emailing, shopping, sharing, posting, reading, learning or playing games. If you have a organization or business that needs exposure, a story to tell, products to sell or information to share maybe a good old fashion website will help you achieve your mission.

It is hard to imagine that we are now connected to people all over the world and in a matter of seconds you can be communicating with someone you have never met or would have never met without the internet. That has opened up endless possibilities to the small mom and pop organization as well as the largest companies in the world. There are success stories all over the internet of people who have ventured out onto the internet world and have exceeded their wildest dreams. Contact me and let's discuss you project and see if you can be one of those success stories in the World Wide Web.